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One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit!!
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I wholeheartedly applaud the writers of The Fosters for standing behind their writing, especially Bradley. When people express their hatred or criticism of Brallie or the show in general, they answer respectfully instead of saying something rude like, “kiss my ass, I can write what I want because it is my show.” lol That’s what I would say. A huge part of me hopes that the writers continue to promote Brallie just to piss off so many fans. Personally, I find it amusing to read their rants and empty threats to stop watching the show. I absolutely love the comments that say that Brandon is manipulative and emotionally abusive and that the writers are throwing away an entire season of character development. I get a good chuckle out of those haha. Everybody has a different opinion which is what makes this show so successful and controversial. I don’t see the writers taking the easy way out and appeasing to their more vocal audience, but the bills do have to get paid and if push comes to shove they may have to listen to those that truly believe that Brallie is incest. Personally, I’m curious as to where they are trying to take their story because it is obvious that this wasn’t a ploy to gain followers. If there is any indication, the first episode indirectly proved that the Brandon and Callie story line was written from the very beginning. Was it to create drama or was it essential to promote one of the many messages of the show? Who knows but hopefully, they can continue to generate a fan base that will allow them to explore for many more seasons.

College Life!!

I usually write reviews for the television show, The Fosters, but today I just felt like ranting. Am I the only one that is constantly stressed out and depressed about school? Between money and grades, my college experience has been nothing but hell. I frequently feel inadequate and I worry that all of the blood, sweat, and tears will be for nothing because I am barely an average student. I don’t really have anyone to vent to and I feel like I am bothering people with my problems. I bottle all of my emotions up and just cry myself to sleep because I don’t know what else to do. It has come to the point where I really am not enjoying life and I have been depressed for about four years. I have become emotionally numb in which I push the friends that I have away and I don’t even know why. I usually bottle up all of my emotions because my mother constantly tells me that this is life and that I have to learn to suck things up and move on. I have tried, but as a young adult in my twenties, I constantly feel overwhelmed and I am becoming more and more emotionally detached. It is crazy how people say college is the best years of your life, but all I have felt is stress. Am I the only one that feels like this? 

"I'd give it all away if you say you'll stay" (Brallie)


I thought it was very interesting how they had the scene with Callie telling everyone Robert signed the papers, meaning she could get adopted and then they cut to Brandon aggressively playing the piano. I’ve seen debates on whether the lyrics are about Callie or Lou. I’m positive they’re not about…

Beautiful!!!👌I agree with everything that you said and I also believe that if she gets adopted then sooner or later they will slip up again and kiss or worse. Things will be even weirder if that happens. I wonder how the writers will approach this complicated situation. Make them siblings or lovers?!?

The Fosters' Finale & Fandom



Usually, I don’t rant because I don’t see a need to, but I have seen such childish comments about the finale. People have chosen to directly attack the writers via twitter and degrade them as well as their writing abilities.” Others have threatened to stop watching the show which I have no problem…

Holy shit EVERYBODY WHO WATCHES THE SHOW NEEDS TO READ ALL OF THIS!!! It perfectly explains why Brandon and Callie have a beautiful relationship, and disproves every anti brallie shipper reason in a non rude way. Honestly uf an anti shipper reads this and doesnt see their relationship (romantic and or friends) then I will definatly be suprised. .. PLEASE EVERY ANTI BRALLIE SHIPPER SHOULD READ.

justoutlawsbrallie…..lol thank you!!! I appreciate the comment 👍👌



OMG today is my 22nd birthday!! Wow I’m getting old.

Happy birthday!🎉🎂

Awww thank you very much!!! Would be better if the fosters were still on lol 😄