theteambrallie asked:

It really pisses me off when people have the nerve to compare Brandon to Liam. They obviously don't know what it's like to be in love. I'll be honest I've never been in love but looking at Brallie's relationship makes me think that I want someone to love me like that some day.

Exactly, they act like they don’t understand what it’s like to be in love and seriously what it’s like to be a teenager. 

theteambrallie asked:

I don't understand the hate either. People will say anything just to hate on Brandon. Some people have even claimed that he's going to screw up Callie's adoption which he'd never do because he loves her. But it's become clear to me that these haters are too blind to see that.

Exactly I’m so confused. I never comment on this blog I just like to like others’ posts but I read one blog and it just made me think like what show are you watching? Someone had the nerve to say that this show is teaching young girls that love is abusive like wtf. They said that Brandon is showing the early signs of abuse. smh 

Brandon and Callie

I’m new to tumblr, I check my feed frequently and I mostly just like a million things and I usually don’t post on television shows or get into fandom discussions, but lately I have been watching the fosters and I don’t understand the hatred for Brandon. I understand that he has been making some questionable decision, but I feel as if the hate he receives is unwarranted. Is it just me? I really want to have a discussion with somebody that hates him so maybe I can understand the other side of the story.