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One of the greatest journeys in life is overcoming insecurity and learning to truly not give a shit!!
The Fosters-Episode 6: Mother

I didn’t do a review last week because I had some school stuff to take care of which ugh….I hate when school season starts, I mean summer slow down *sigh.* Anyway, I hope you enjoy this review. :)) Thank you to those who are liking, reblogging, and commenting on them. 

The Dream Scene

This scene, definitely, pulled at my heartstrings because it was the happiest that I have seen Lena in a while and the most affectionate that her and Stef have been since the baby moon episode. Can we get a collective “awww” for the cuteness of that baby? She was absolutely adorable and I loved when she looked up at Lena and smiled. However, it was sad to see Lena wake up from her dream and reality hits her that it isn’t real, well besides the being pregnant part. She looks over and sees an empty bed and no crib, also Mariana and Jesus are fighting and slamming doors. You can sense that she doesn’t feel well, but she knows that a mother’s duty is never done; so she decides to go play referee between the twins. All I can say is that she basically told both of them to mind your own business and to get your shit together. 

Mariana & Jesus Bed Scenes

At first, I was wondering why in the hell are they trying to sell their parents’ bed, but then I realized that these scenes were significant. Since this episode was so emotionally draining, these scenes were used to provide some comedic relief. However, some people ignored them or were too busy crying and worrying about Lena. I was one of those people, because I have friends and family members that have dealt with miscarriages and abortion, so my attention was adverted to the more depressing scenes. Although, I did appreciate the show’s attempt to provide the audience with amusing scenes, especially the scene where Mari is proudly claiming her virginity. Haha; Brandon’s comments and the look on her face made me laugh out loud. These scenes did seem like a filler or out of place to some people, however, I do understand and appreciate their intentions.

Monopoly Scene

All I will say about this scene is that I adored it and I hope that we will continue to see more family bonding moments. On a personal level, I despise the game monopoly, it was always so boring to me, except when people landed on my property and I got to say, pay up bitch!!! good times!!

Hospital Scene

I know that plenty of people were pissed and disappointed in ABC as a network for the miscarriage storyline, but I was on the fence. A part of me was very emotional and sympathetic towards Lena, but on the other hand I was relieved because it allowed Lena to confess and come to terms with her insecurities about being a good mother. In addition, I thought that this was a bad time for the fosters to have another baby. I mean so much is going on already in their lives and money is starting to become a recurring problem. They will soon have two children entering college and the twins aren’t too far behind them. Then, the necessities for the baby are extremely expensive. However, the non-rational side of me thought that it was so depressing to have Lena chose between her life and the baby’s life. It was such a cruel storyline, but with these type of shows they pride themselves on showcasing reality. Anyway back to Lena, I never knew that Lena was insecure about being a mother. She always appeared confident in her parenting skills, however, there were times that she seemed to feel left out when trying to be a good parent to Brandon. Stef and Mike,intentionally,made her feel like a step-parent during multiple occasions throughout the show. So I can understand where her insecurities came from because she does feel that the children will never really love and respect her because she isn’t their biological mother. The scene with Lena and Dana proved that no matter the age, you still need a comforting hug or comforting words from your parents. I hate how some people make adulthood emotionless as if all of a sudden you grow up and never need the love and support from your parents again. They aren’t babying you, they are comforting you. I did love/hate that Dana had to have a honest conversation with Lena and let her know that she was being selfish by going through with the pregnancy because she could possibly leave behind a wife and five children. Again the theme of the show reappears, a family isn’t about a bloodline, but about love. I don’t think that Lena was being selfish because she wants a child with her own blood, but I do understand that as a mother your children’s needs trump your own wants and desires. Ultimately, this was my favorite scene so far this season. 

Wyatt & Brandon Restaurant Scene 

I have heard plenty of comments about this scene. I have heard that Brandon was rude, needs to get over Callie, is jealous, and is a spoiled brat. Also, Wyatt is the best boyfriend, he was only trying to help, and that he was stupid for asking Brandon for advice in the first place. To a certain extent, I agree with some of these opinions. While Brandon was rude and defensive, I can understand his hesitation to reveal any information about Callie’s past or present. It wasn’t Brandon’s place to tell Wyatt anything about Callie’s past or current situation because she is obligated as his girlfriend to tell him if she wants him to know. If Brandon were to tell Wyatt something, it would create an unnecessary middleman. What is the point of being in a relationship that is between two people in which one of them has to confide in an ex every time his signifiant other decides to shut down. That is including another person in your relationship which eventually becomes messy. I truly believe that Wyatt was trying to help, and that he went to Brandon because he was his last resort. However, Wyatt had to know that this situation was going to be extremely uncomfortable for Brandon. He should have expected Brandon to be snarly, condensing, and defensive. I loved that Brandon and Wyatt were having a honest conservation and that they stayed true to their characters, because it would have been unrealistic if Brandon was willingly helpful. It made more sense that he was reluctant and annoyed. Wyatt’s conservation with Brandon seemed innocent for the most part, but I have to question why Wyatt asked if Callie and Brandon still had feelings for each other. He seemed as if he was trying to quiet his own insecurities about his relationship with Callie; it’s as if he needs reassurance. Unfortunately, his insecurities intensified when Brandon stated that he helped Wyatt by moving out of the way. The expression on Wyatt’s face was one of anger and hurt. He wants to believe that Callie chose him because she loves him and not because she couldn’t have Brandon or that he was the safe and easy choice. When Brandon stated that maybe Wyatt should give Callie some space, you could see that Wyatt didn’t want that answer. That last thing he wants to do is give Callie space, when he is trying to get close to her. He accepts the answer and knows that Brandon is probably right, but he wishes that it could be different. 

Love Mariana and Mat!!! :)) Can’t wait to see where that goes next week. Moving on….

Callie & Jude Hospital Scene 

I am so thrilled that Jude finally spoke and that it was because of Callie. Callie finally revealed that Jude was being selfish by not talking and that he wasn’t that type of person. I think I might have been the only one that thought Jude’s speech to Callie after the wedding was unfair and a little selfish. I understood the circumstances and the consequences and that Jude was terrified that he was going to lose a good home, but Callie always puts Jude’s happiness before her own and for once she slipped and acted on her own happiness. It was wrong, but at some point she needs to address what makes her happy and pursue those opportunities because she can’t live her entire life being fully concerned with everyone’s happiness but her own. I adore Jude and Callie’s relationship, and how a simple hand touch or a conservation can make the other feel loved and appreciated. They both usually make the best decisions, after they confide in each other. I enjoyed his speech about Frankie and I hope he mends his relationship with Connor next. 

Callie & Brandon Bench Scene

What amazes me about Brandon and Callie’s relationship is how honest they are with each other. I wish I was able to have conversations like that because communication is the key to relationships. Anyway, I was semi-surprised that Callie told Brandon about her and Wyatt’s attempt to have sex. I will say that Brandon did a good job of hiding that he was being stabbed in the heart after her confession. I know that they tell each other everything, but I thought that Callie would think that it was too personal to tell him about it. It really is a testament to the amount of trust that she has in Brandon. At this point, you almost have to ask yourself, what wouldn’t she tell him? The minute he sat down on the bench it was like she immediately opened up to him.  He didn’t have to poke her for information for too long before she told him everything. I think this scene and others have proven that he is her best friend. He knows and understands her, such as when he knew that the panic attacks were because of Liam. This episode, we saw Brandon challenge Callie and tell her that she’s wrong to shut out the people that love her the most. I found this to be an evolution in their relationship, he usually lets her yell at him and then she walks away. Brandon stood his ground and told her to call Wyatt and give him an explanation as to why she keeps pulling away. Even though, Brandon still loves Callie, he knows that it hurts to have someone you love keep things from you. I think this was the first time that he acknowledged Wyatt’s feelings; it was as if he emphasized with him. I loved that Callie walked away and that she was pissed, but she later thought about what Brandon said and decided that he was right. Their relationship continues to evolve and I’m curious and excited to see in what aspect will they use this growth….brother-sister, boyfriend-girlfriend, friend-friend… 

Callie & Wyatt Porch Scene 

Finally, the scene that I have been waiting for since last season. Callie finally  gives this boy a flashlight and he can come out of the dark. She reveals that she couldn’t have sex with Wyatt because she was raped and of course Wyatt puts two and two together to figure out that it was indeed Liam who raped her. This scene was so necessary because I was becoming annoyed by the lack of information on Wyatt’s part. He is such as nice guy and I hated that he was always in the dark when it came to Callie. What I still have a problem with, is that she didn’t tell him on her own; Brandon convinced her to do the right thing. I have to ask myself, if she wouldn’t have had that conservation with Brandon, would she have told Wyatt and if so, when? Now, I don’t think that they broke up officially because I have seen people take some space and then come back to the relationship with a level head. Callie needs time to deal with her own problems and then she can make a decision whether Wyatt is the one that makes her happy. This scene made me really like Wyatt because he seemed to be genuinely sad when he heard about the rape; he even seemed as if he wanted to kill Liam. I like that he wants to be friends with Callie and that he just wants her to talk to him. He is a really good guy, so hopefully after she takes a much needed break, she will be able to give him a definite and final answer. 

Dani…sigh…she is the spawn of satan….that’s all I got!! 

The Fosters-Episode 4: Say Something

Ok first of all, I want to express my gratitude to everyone that read, left a comment, reblogged, or shared my review. P.s. I will start to make them shorter, no one wants to read all that!! haha….Anyway thank you again :)) 

Family Garage Scene

It was very refreshing to see the entire family participate in an activity together, besides eating dinner. The family seems to have gotten closer; they seem more comfortable with teasing each other and joking around such as Callie and Mariana teasing the boys about being outnumbered. Two particular dialogues stuck out to me; The first was the dialogue between Mari and Lena in which Lena explains to Mari that in college she decided to trace her family history so that she could know where she came from. I could tell by Mari’s facial expression, that she was curious about her history as well and maybe that scene could have been a clue that in the future Lena may encourage and help Mari to explore her cultural history. The second was the dialogue between Jesus and Jude, even though it was probably like two lines. Jude is really good at unintentionally putting things into perspective, such as him emphasizing that Jesus should be grateful that he has memories that are tangible unlike he and Callie who have to rely on their brains to vividly paint memories in which sometimes the details become blurred. I just thought that he even though he is ecstatic to be adopted, it would be nice to have a box of old pictures, toys, and anything that could recall stories of his childhood because the older he becomes, the harder it will be to recall those memories. Overall, a great way to began the episode. 

Callie & Jude Bedroom Scene/Connor Hallway Scene/Jude Silence 

The only thing that I have to say about the bedroom scene is that I love the relationship between Callie and Jude. I adore that Callie, as the older sister, is conscious of Jude’s feelings such as she won’t intentionally make any decision that threatens his livelihood or that makes him unhappy. She truly embodies what an older sibling should be, for example she tells Jude that he is her brother, period, not her half brother which provides Jude with some much needed reassurance. Of course, Jude being a sweetheart encourages Callie to meet her sister if she really wants to and it is obvious that he is uncomfortable and even apprehension about losing her, but he knows that she deserves to know where she came from. Ok, so Jude and Connor are really killing me these past two episodes. I remember when we could count on their scenes to alleviate some of the tension in the previous season because their scenes were always so sweet and innocent. Now they are also facing a roadblock in their friendship, which I hope is revolved this season if not in the 2A finale. But as they say this will make their friendship stronger. I’m not too sure of what to make of jude’s silence except that he feels as if he lost Callie and Connor so now he just rather not talk to avoid becoming close to anyone. I’ll wait until next episode and give him an entire post on his silence, because I’m still trying to figure that one out. But now I do see why the episode is titled, Say Something! 

Stef, Lena, & Timothy Scenes

This was a great episode for Stef and Lena because there weren’t any arguments. They were so supportive of each other and Stef was so comforting towards Lena when she didn’t get the principal job. It was refreshing to see them being loving for an entire episode without having to make-up after an argument. Now last review, all I could say about Timothy was FIX IT JESUS!! Well he answered, because Timmy again being lazy haha finally signed those papers. Lena was really wearing on Timmy’s conscience this episode, and she deserves the award for the best comment of the night, by saying that you can’t just say that you have integrity, you have to show it. Yassss Lena, guilt trip him for going back on his word. Now I did start to feel bad for Timmy, because he seems like a nice guy that was just trying to do his friends a favor. But unfortunately, his conscience started to wear on him and he realized that he can’t just bring a child into the world without telling him/her where they came from. In a sense, I totally agree. I just hope that moving forward, that all parties involved can reach an agreement in which everyone is satisfied. 

Robert & Stef Scene 

When I saw the photos of this scene, I honestly thought that it wasn’t going to be that important to the storyline and that it was just put in to provide an explanation as to why Robert hasn’t signed the papers yet. I was wrong, there were so many parallels and possible foreshadowing. Now I was relieved to discover that Robert had no idea about Callie and that he was head over heels in love with Colleen. He went against his parents’ wishes and eloped with Colleen, but was coerced into terminating their marriage as well as their relationship. The parallel and foreshadowing comes into play when Robert states that he was young and that he was unable to handle the pressure. At first I compared Robert to Brandon, but then I thought about it and Callie is more similar to Robert because she is the one that cracked under the pressure of the family and the foster care’s reaction to her feelings for Brandon. Both Callie and Robert were coerced into choosing family over love, however it’s funny that Callie chose family because she wanted an emotional connection with the family and Robert chose family because he was afraid of betraying the emotional connection he already had with his family. I felt extremely bad for Robert’s wife, because no one wants to hear that you were someone’s second choice. Now the question of the series is, are Callie and Brandon going to become Robert and Colleen? Pick their second choice and then regret it later. In addition, the light bulb went off in Stef’s head and she finally saw the baby situation from Timothy’s perspective. She realized that the baby isn’t property and that she can’t play keep away because the baby will grow up to be like Callie and Jude in that he/she will want to know where they came from and maybe having Timmy be apart of the baby’s life will avoid that obstacle. 

Wyatt & Callie Beach Scene

I will start by saying that I adore Wyatt because I truly believe that he loves Callie and that he would do anything for her. However, the beach scene had me scratching my head and goggling information during the commercial. First off, Since when is it a rule that if you are on probation, you can’t have sex? I’m confused, the only people that I know of on probation that has to follow sex rules or better yet be questioned about their sexual life is sex offenders; but this is a television show. Anyway, in my last review I asked if Wyatt knew about the rape and well it was answered and excuse my language, but WYATT IS IN THE DAMN DARK WITHOUT A MOTHERFUCKIN’ FLASHLIGHT; HE DOESN’T KNOW ANY-FUCKING-THING! The rape, her sneaking around with Brandon, the song Brandon wrote for her, like WTF?? I know we missed some months between seasons but this scene was the first time where I felt like I missed something; where is the foundation for their relationship? why do they love each other so much? So, they have been dating for several months and she hasn’t mentioned the rape, but she tells Brandon after knowing him for about the same amount of time. I honestly don’t get it, he is too sweet of a guy to be in the dark all the time, like damn if you don’t want to tell him in words play charades, pictionary, or something and have him guess that shit! I honestly hope I analyzed this entire scene wrong, and Callie doesn’t have Wyatt stuck on an unexisiting level of stupid because….sigh. I just want the writers to give us the missing details because it seems as if Wyatt left his entire family in Indiana to be with a girl that broke up with him, to be with someone that she was in love with, only to come back to him because she couldn’t have the one she wanted. 

Brandon & Lou Garage Scene/ “I love you” 

Moving on because that gave me a headache, Lou is either really observant or Brandon and Callie are just that obvious. She knew something was up based on an one minute conservation, actually a hey and bye conversation. I will say that I do like the way that Callie and Brandon are handling their break-up; it’s very mature. Now if only they could get the words that are coming out of their mouths to match their eyes and facial expressions, then we will be good to go on this let’s make them brother and sister agenda *sarcasm*. Anyway Lou was basically playing the role of Dani in this scene, filling Brandon’s head with what some would call false hope. Instead of saying “we are not related”, he has changed it to “Callie is as much as my sister as Mariana is.” I really have no words for that last line; I know he is trying to convince himself that it is over, but that last line is cringeworthy. Lastly, Callie says the three magic words, I love you. Before Wyatt even arrives, she appears to be holding back tears, and I wonder if it is from the previous conservation she had with Brandon. Anyway, Callie finally says this to Wyatt and all I’m thinking is that when she said it to Brandon she said it first without worrying about anybody else feelings but her own. With Wyatt, she felt as if she was betraying Brandon by saying those words hence why she hesitates to repeat them. My concern is does she feel like she was betraying the type of love she has with Brandon by replacing it with something lesser or am I reading too much into it. Anyway, I swear Callie is the poster child for poker face, because she put on a good one when Brandon asked if the band could play outlaws. She pretended to brush it off, and indirectly encouraged him to keep moving on. I must say the girl is good, but how long before she cracks and gives in to him. It might be seasons from now, like Ross and Rachel from friends. I really do think she meant those words to Wyatt but in a different aspect such as I love you because you have always been here for me type of way. 

Mariana, Jesus, Haley, & Emma

To this entire storyline, I’m not here for it, I’m over it. And Haley….sigh. 

How did I enjoy the episode? It was great, but after it aired I needed a glass of wine and an episode of Spongebob…a show that makes sense right now haha :)

Well damn 😳🙈 😏

Well damn 😳🙈 😏

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I wish I had friends who watched the fosters so I could talk about it with them lol also I really want to write reviews for the show but I don’t think anyone would care to read them

What does the face mean lol I’m confused

The Fosters: Characters & Some of Episode 3: Play

Ok first off I want to express how much I adore and appreciate a show like the fosters. It is so ground-breaking in that it tackles real-life issues without appearing to be preachy. In other words, issues such as bullying, sexuality, love, and even identity crisis is shown in such a realistic and interesting way. So I wanted to write reviews for the show and other shows. I don’t want to do the show scene by scene just interesting parts :) 

Stef and Lena

I absolutely love the relationship dynamic between Stef and Lena. They argue and bicker but in the end they find a way to compromise even in the most difficult situations such as disagreeing about Brandon’s hand surgery. They are lesbians but the show makes it possible to eliminate the grey area in which they appear as any everyday couple, no different. Stef and Lena are so different, for example, Lena is so facially expressive and optimistic, if you watch her scenes throughout the show you can literally write an entire dialogue based off of the many emotions that she doesn’t express vocally. It is so obvious that even Stef knows when something is wrong just based off of her silence and facial expressions. Stef is a little bit more stoic should i say, she using breaks down facially after reaching her last straw. But that stoic persona seems to be just a facade because as the series progresses you can tell that Stef is just as emotional and caring as Lena but it takes some motivation to tap into her emotions maybe that has to do with her being a cop. 

Anyway back to the episode, Lena and Stef decide to leave Callie and Brandon in charge for one night. Nothing can go wrong, right?? Stef is a bit hesitant to leave her children alone for the night, but Lena insists that they need the alone time so that they can reconnect. I believe Stef and Lena are in a place in their relationship that every couple faces sooner or later, I call it the fall into routine phase. It is so easy for Stef to worry about money and the kids especially with another baby on the way. Sometimes in this phase, couples forget to take care of each other emotionally because life can get really hectic sometimes and you lose sight of the little things in life that makes it all worth living. I love that Lena finally confesses to Stef about how much she means to her and how much the wedding meant to her, such as her saying “she has never been happier than that morning after the wedding.” I think this season you will see more of the moms arguing and redefining their relationship which I’m sure fans will wish that they stop fighting or go to the extreme and predict a divorce but personally I want to see them bicker and fight because I believe it brings them closer. Which is obviously seen when they come back from vacation, they are smiling as if they just met for the first time and they are introducing each other to their families. Timothy and this baby tho? haha I have no words just FIX IT JESUSSS!!!!! *HOLDS UP PRAYER HAND*

Mariana & Jesus Adams-Foster 

I love these two characters they are so appealing. In this episode, Mari, I’m just being lazy, I don’t want to type her name over and over haha.  is really struggling with her identity and she really doesn’t know who she is or who she wants to be. In a way, the dance team girls, spawns of satan in a skirt, have forced her to be ashamed of her ethnicity; she is a beautiful Latina girl and she should embrace her culture. She went as far as dyeing her hair blonde to fit in but the funny thing is that she still looks like a Latina to me and not even her hair color can change that. I love that Mat told her that she will never be those girls because in reality she won’t, she has so much to offer and I can’t wait until she holds her head high and accept her culture without shame. It’s sad to see because just last season she was so excited to and really was adamant about having a Quinceañera and wanting it to be perfect. Now this season, she is hiding her culture and trying to distance herself from it and I believe mostly it’s because of the absence of Lexi. Lexi was more than a best friend, she accepted Mari for who she was and never judged her which allowed Mari to be comfortable in her skin because she knew that if no one accepted her Lexi did. I miss Lexi!! Without Zac and Lexi she needs to find new friends, and we all know how hard that is. Speaking about Lexi, Jesus seems to be going girl crazy. Now many fans are frustrated with his storyline because it seems to always involve a girl, but I honestly believe it is more a testament to him trying to define love and relationships and wanting to be wanted and needed. In a not so popular opinion, I believe that what he said to Emma was honest maybe a little to blunt but you can tell in the previous episodes he was biting his tongue. I love that Emma is independent, strong, and smart but in a way she did have a habit of emasculating Jesus and treating him as a puppy instead of a human being with opinions and feelings. She was really bossy sometimes, and I believe that Jesus was confused because Lexi always made him feel needed, masculine, and loved. She showed that she needed him, more than Emma shows. Even though I wanted to jump through the scene and punch him when he had sex with Haley, I semi understood that Haley made him feel wanted and desired because I remember in last episode at the dinner table he told everyone how Haley was checking him out and Mari was like she only dates college boys in which Jesus responded, “we will see about that.” Maybe that was some foreshadowing to this episode that they would eventually hook-up. I still believe he should have handled the situation better. I believe him and Emma will have a conversation and work it out, but not before shit hits the fan when she finds out about Haley. I can’t wait to see how the truth comes out and what will follow in the aftermath.

Jude and Connor 

Well these two probably have the most beautiful, genuine, and pure  friendship that I seen on television in a while, well since maybe Jane and Billy from Jane by Design ugh it still hurts that that show was cancelled I digress anyway I don’t know where the writers are going which their storyline but I will say that I hope that they keep their friendship as honest and as pure as it is. I adore Jude he is so intelligent and worldly for example his speech on “labels” in the school hallway,  but he still maintains a sense of innocence which is difficult to do when you have experienced all that he has. He knows that the world is harsh and unfair, but he still remains optimistic like Lena and that is why I absolutely adore their scenes together because it is filled with so much honesty and unconditional love without judgement; a perfect mother-son relationship. Anyway, Connor is such a great friend because even though his father forbids him from seeing Jude he disobeys his father because he knows that his friendship with Jude is more important than any rule. Now on to the kiss, hmmm…..I don’t know if Connor agreed to kiss Jude because he likes him or is questioning his sexuality as well or Connor wants Jude to understand that even if he is gay then who cares you are still my friend and equal such as in spin the bottle I still have to kiss you. The writers to me are genius because I don’t know which one it is haha I’m somewhat confused because it could be so many possibilities, because Connor’s face after the kiss between Madison was like one of disappointment as if he expected fireworks but nothing happened. Hopefully, this season we find out where Connor stands and he and Jude continue to nourish and grow their relationship. 

Wyatt, Callie, Brandon & Lou

Well here is the most hated and loved triangle or square or whatever shape you want to label them haha. I will say that I do love Brandon and Callie together *cue the ewws and incest talk….ok done….moving on* I still watch the show objectively and I don’t let my preference cloud my judgement of what is happening on the show. I adore the writers, I have said this over and over again and while I was watching Monday’s episode I kept saying that this Brandon and Callie brother and sister thing is really, really forced and then it clicked duh it is supposed to be forced dummy haha. It’s not suppose to be easy for them to slip into these roles especially being forced into them. I can say that I can’t believe that some of the fans have bought this brother and sister dynamic so quickly after three episodes basically saying that Callie and Brandon are over, it’s such simple thinking because their connection is deeper than what two months of platonic interactions can destroy. I will say that they are trying and how long it lasts before one of them cracks will be the fun part to watch. Now Wyatt, everybody seems to love Wyatt and hate Brandon, which is understandable based on the way Brandon behaved last season, but I don’t think it’s so black and white. Now Wyatt is sweet and caring and he seems to really love Callie and have her best interest at heart such as calling her moms when she ran away. Brandon is also sweet and caring and he loves Callie as well. On the other hand, what I hate is that fans of the show have to put one of these characters down to uphold the other one. Both have good and bad qualities. In my opinion, some fans are looking at what is easy and good for Callie which nothing is wrong with that. I truly love that with Wyatt she is safe and it is easy, no drama whatsoever. One statement that I am tired of seeing is that “Callie needs a family more than a boyfriend” It’s not that simple, I think some forget that the reason that Callie even began to trust Lena, Stef, Mariana, and Jesus is because of Brandon. Brandon broke down her walls which allowed her to trust his family and with that trust she had to distance herself from Brandon to maintain the trust and love of the rest of the family especially Lena and Stef. I think for anyone that would be a difficult decision. Callie for some strange reason finds it really easy to open up to Brandon rather than Wyatt and I thought about it this episode, Does Wyatt know about the rape or does he still think Liam was an old friend? I remember last season he called her out on using him and being so closed off emotionally towards him. It seems as if nothing has changed, but I want to know maybe it will come in the future episodes, will she let him in eventually like she did Brandon. I honestly wish the writers didn’t bring Wyatt back as a love interest because I don’t want Callie to hurt him again if that is where the story is headed. He is a really good guy for the most part and if Callie is not all in like him, I can see him being really resentful and hurt if Brandon is the reason they are having problems again. Now with Lou, nothing much to say about her yet, except that I adore her singing voice and I believe she is good for Brandon right now, it gives him another challenge. Now another thing I don’t like is when fans say things such as, Brandon and Callie’s relationship is unhealthy and abusive or Brandon is obsessed with her. I believe that this relationship or friendship is so genuine and pure and I think that Callie is just as obsessed with Brandon, but she is subtle with it. After he had his outburst about his hand she felt obligated to go talk to him because she seems to hate to see him hurting which she admitted last season on Adoption Day which she asked if she was hurting him. Then, every time Lou attacks his character she defends him wholeheartedly like when Lou called him a pompous ass, which was hilarious haha but Callie says that he isn’t an ass but she called him one earlier in the episode when they were bickering in the kitchen. It’s almost like she is saying only I can call him an ass when he is being one but his character isn’t one of a pompous ass. Speaking of bickering everyone is debating over the scene in which Wyatt says, “i never seen you two act like brother and sister”  in some way I believe he is a little naive or unaware of what really happened between Callie and Brandon. Now in the scene, I can’t really tell if they are bickering like siblings or a married couple or whatever everybody else is saying, but I don’t think the bickering scenes were as important as people are making it to be, meaning the dialogue. For some reason, throughout the scenes I was looking at Brandon’s face and he was getting so much joy out of getting under Callie’s skin. He was downright enjoying her frustration and sass towards him. It was like he was pulling her leg to see how much she would sass him, he kind of wanted to see if he could get a reaction out of her in a different way before it was romantically like can I get her to kiss me but now it’s like can I get her to acknowledge my presence and if she is still in some way affected by my actions or words. He honestly laughed when she called him an ass and he was enjoying the sass that she was giving Wyatt about not going to party and staying there to play bouncer. That was what I was focused on throughout the episode that I had to watch again that night to focus on the dialogue. Now with the song, Outlaws, at the end of the episode, I believe they were both reflecting on a time when they were happy together but everything around them was in shambles. I think it was them silently encouraging each other to continue to move on even though it still hurts. I can’t wait to see what will happen this season with these four characters because right now it seems too complex.